QuakeCon 2009

August 13th, 2009

By ben

QuakeCon 2009

QuakeCon 2009

The QuakeCon 2009 competitions are getting started pretty soon. You’ll find carnage and relic playing in the CTF tournament with walter and bLt as Fully Loaded. They’ll also be playing in the 1v1 competition.


Update: August 16th
QuakeCon 2009 is over, here are the final standings:


1st: Shane “SK|rapha” Hendrixson – $14,000
2nd: Sebastian “fnatic.spart1e” Siira – $7,500
3rd: Alexey “srs/rzr/Cypher” Yanushevsky – $4,000
4th: Tim “EG|DaHang” Fogarty
5-6th: Brian “grav`DKT” Flander / Alessandro “fnatic.stermy” Avallone
7-8th: Thomas “EG|Griffin” Wall / Magnus “LLL*fox” Olsson
9-12th: k1llsen, srs/rzr/Av3k, xlo-fazz, EG|Chance
13-16th: xlo-madix, fnatic.link1n, plague, LoSt-CaUzE


1st: Evil Geniuses – $12,000
2nd: Who Run It (eMg) – $6,000
3rd: fnaticMSI – $4,000
4th: Loaded (f27-carnage, f27-relic)

Open Duel

1st: tD.Flysher – $1,500
2nd: F8|Hardup – $750
3rd: cliffy – $250